Yoga for you

Whether a private session for you alone or as a party of friends or family: don’t compromise on your time or your experience. Real yoga for discerning clients. A bespoke, authentic and premium service brought to your doorstep or office for the ultimate indulgence.

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Yoga to business

Don’t just tick a box, provide real value and a premium service to your teams. Lead the change and revolutionise the workplace, by implementing “wellness through wisdom”. Our programmes are specifically designed to deliver curated experiences to maximise uptake and benefits – to the participants and to the business.

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Why Yogabudhi?

We are an unparalleled, bespoke yoga service, specialising in providing “wellness through wisdom”.  We provide curated, luxury experiences for people who are (or will soon be) passionate about yoga. Yoga is not just an exercise form, it’s also a mindset and a re-set!

Whether for you alone or shared with your friends, family or colleagues, we design and deliver unique experiences allowing you to enjoy and learn from the rich benefits of yoga and meditation. As part of our service, we provide mats, blocks, incense, candles, teas and supplements to create an unrivalled experience.

Let us support your journey to wellbeing, through an unbeatable combination to treat and indulge your mind, body and soul through YOGABUDHI’S “Power of Three” - Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition.

Spreading positivity, love and wellbeing through the wisdoms of yoga...

With love, YOGABUDHI.

Our Values

  • We believe in stillness - Realise your peace within...

    Be Still

    yogabudhi - We believe in stillness - Realise your peace within...
  • We believe in freedom - Let go and fly

    Be Free

    yogabudhi - We believe in freedom - Let go and fly
  • We believe in harmony - Connect your mind and body...

    Be you

    yogabudhi - We believe in harmony - Connect your mind and body...
  • We believe in infinity...

    Just be

    yogabudhi - We believe in infinity...

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Your Yoga at your own pace

At YOGABUDHI we aim to be just as flexible as you will be when we are finished with you!

Yoga can be premium, bespoke and beautifully curated without losing its authenticity. We understand that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and will design our programmes and experiences around you.

We know that every person is at different stage in their journey, whether you want to dip in your toe to find out more or deepen your practice and embrace wider holistic experiences. YOGABUDHI is your go-to customised luxury yoga, meditation and nutrition service that hands the power of choice back to you.

  • Yoga

    Cutting-edge yoga to you, from some of London’s most reputable yogis. We offer a diverse range of yoga styles and abilities. We will hand-pick the ideal yogi to suit your needs and goals to ensure you enjoy and accomplish the most out of your sessions.

  • Nutrition

    Both through our carefully designed supplements, products and teas, and through our nutritionists 1:1 plans, nutrition is a vital part of our toolbox to assist you on your path to wellness. Our nutrition specialists will provide one-to-one sessions and personalised plans in the home or workplace, continually tweaked and adapted according to your needs and development.

  • Meditation

    In such a fast-paced world where silence is rare and our minds are never still, meditation is the key to give a little bit of ‘me’ time back to you. Unlock the calming stillness within by increasing the meditation components of your yoga sessions and/or take part in a dedicated meditation programme.

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