Meet Manu

The seed of an idea always starts with a passion. Manu first practised yoga when he was 15 and it’s been a part of his life ever since.  He’s now actually training to be a teacher with the renowned Stewart Gilchrist, with whom Manu has been practising for many years.

Professionally, Manu is a lawyer, having held senior corporate positions and founded a boutique legal consultancy.  Yoga and meditation have always helped Manu to manage stress, stay healthy and focused.  In the midst of a busy lifestyle, demanding workload and ever-competing priorities, yoga and meditation provided Manu with a sanctuary and access to his own internal journey.

It was to deliver similar benefits to other busy and distracted individuals that the idea of YOGABUDHI came about.

Through YOGABUDHI, he wanted to provide amazing, authentic and personalised yoga-based wellbeing experiences to those who (like him) want the full benefits, won’t compromise on the quality, yet nevertheless want to achieve it on their terms and at times and locations that suit them.

Whilst studios and gyms offer great yoga, it’s not always easy to fit in with the set timetables.  And even though the quality is great, the experience is not necessarily tailored or intimate.  Lastly, in the rush to commercialise and commoditise yoga, Manu and others felt that we risk losing a lot of its authenticity and true value.

Manu wanted to deliver a bespoke, luxurious and curated service that countered those challenges.  A variety of styles and levels of premium yoga… delivered through intimate and powerful experiences… at convenient times and venues.  Individuals should choose where, when, what and with who they practice – not compromising on the quality, the experience or the convenience.  

More than that, he’s set out to deliver a more holistic approach, providing access to meditation support and personalised nutrition advice.  He built a network of some of the best teachers and instructors in those fields and worked with them to curate high impact programmes and experiences for YOGABUDHI’s customers.

YOGABUDHI caters for both consumers and corporates, never conceding on excellence and always delivering on the participants’ needs and intentions.

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