Ida May

Ida May

Ida May is a Finnish dancer, actor, movement director, international yoga and fitness instructor, as well as a personal trainer. Ida is constantly working on creating new concepts and consulting studios, delivers workshops, retreats, privates, corporates and pop ups around the world all the way from UK to Cameroon Africa, from Finland to Morocco. 

She is always on a go and simply could not do a day without moving. Ida fell into yoga through a long career in dance - so no doubt she loves a good flow! Moving through asanas and finding new spaces and depths in the practise, those exciting places that connect the moves, your breath and some new tunes… that’s where it's at. 

Find the attunement of the body, mind, breath and the beat of the music. Ida’s diverse background and passion to keep exploring new things has encouraged and inspired her to create her own training method called FIT FLOW fusing the best elements of yoga and HIIT training. 

Yes, Ida does love all that bad ass HIGH INTENSITY training, but also knows that at times one needs to STOP, BREATH and CONNECT. That's where yoga steps in. Discover the stillness or demand power, release it all on the matt. Tune in with your breath and let the breath connect your body to the mind. When the beat drops, just go and flow with it. 

Quirky Questions

What does Yoga mean to you?
Favourite yoga position?
Savasana. That's where it all comes together. 
Favourite meal or snack?
Eggs n’ avo. 
Favourite Inspirational quote or saying?
'When I was moving I could feel' (Pina Bausch). 
Who is your greatest influence?
People around me.
If you were stuck on a desert island which three items would you take?
Items?! My phone to keep connected to the rest of the world and show what they're missing out haha. 

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