Mischa Varmuza

Mischa Varmuza

Mischa's yoga journey began over a decade ago and slowly began to weave its way through her life; she is continually humbled and inspired by the potential of yoga to transform, expand and heal and is devoted to sharing the practice with others. 

She holds enormous gratitude to leading vinyasa flow teacher Claire Missingham with whom she completed her initial 200 hours and went on to assist for some time afterwards. 

Most recently Mischa finished an additional 300-hour training with her teacher Sianna Sherman who is of enormous influence and inspiration to her. She has now stepped into apprenticeship with Sianna and assists on her workshops and trainings. 

Additionally, Mischa has a regular Iyengar and Astanga practice which grounds, supports and refines her more creative vinyasa style. Mischa has spent over a year in India studying, practicing and visiting sacred sites and it holds a special place in her heart. 

She teaches a heartfelt practice with creative sequencing, a deep focus on breath and alignment and a combination of strong steady flow and longer holds to both uplift and tap into the stillness. She draws her understanding from a number of styles and traditions, particularly inspired by the philosophy and practices of the Tantric lineage. 

Her classes are woven with philosophy, myth and stories and often include music, chanting, meditation and ritual. Her teaching is passionate and knowledgeable, her intention is to both challenge and restore, holding a space for individuals to open, reflect and absorb. You will be taken on a joyful journey of self-inquiry and unfolding. Mischa is committed to her own study and practice as the foundation of her teaching.

Quirky Questions

What does Yoga mean to you?
Yoga is the magical twisting path of transformation which keeps stretching and challenging me to grow. It tunes me into the present moment again and again and is continually awakening my heart and capacity to accept each experience that I encounter. It guides me to listen to my body and respond in a way that supports and nourishes as well as strengthens me. It creates space so I can witness the movements of my mind, renew my perspective and slowly break free from limiting patterns. It helps me to accept the transient nature of everything within and around me and embrace flow more wholeheartedly. Yoga shows me the grace and strength of presence and helps me to realise the power of gratitude, compassion and service. 
Favourite yoga position?
Hanumanasana in all its possibilities. Legs up the wall for deep restoration.
Favourite meal or snack?
Oat cakes and hummus. Dark chocolate.
Favourite Inspirational quote or saying?
There are many but a recent favourites is this little passage of Tao Wisdom… The cloud does not insist upon its form, The wave does not force its way over the ocean, So why should you clutch so tightly your little map? Follow your heart and know joy in all things. The path of freedom Has no markers, Yet leads to fulfilment; The path of confusion Is crowded with signs, Pointing in all directions The Great Way is a humble, solitary path Leading home; Follow it closely and be guided. How do you know you are on your way? When your map no longer serves you.
Who is your greatest influence?
Claire Missingham and Sianna Sherman
If you were stuck on a desert island which three items would you take?
A knife, a huge sarong or sheet (to wear / make shelter from / make a hammock). A drum.

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