“Do your practice and all is coming.” ~ Sri K Patthabi Jois

Yoga is a different journey for everyone, for some it’s about the physical practice, for others it’s the philosophy anda metaphysical path.  Whether you choose to scratch the surface or not, beneath it there are endless layers of spirituality. Whatever your reason for doing yoga, the one premise we all share is positive change and growth is inevitable.

Whether this change comes from self-reflection, self-awareness, self-acceptance or even a change or growth in your practice, the changes through yoga are always uplifting and beautiful.

Whatever your reason for your journey, YOGABUDHI is here to guide you on your road to change.

Yoga In the Home

Not only do we fit in with your schedule and come to you, we carefully craft an unrivalled experience and track your progress on a journey to ‘wellness through wisdom’.

Time is something that we all always chasing in our busy lives.  Why rush to a studio when you can buy yourself more ‘me’ time and curate a luxurious experience at home by booking in one of our teachers who comes to you, with all the accessories and plans needed to design and guide your journey?

We want to put the control and time back into your hands without losing the teaching quality or the authenticity of the experience.  YOGABUDHI teachers are selected only if they meet the requisite high standards,  so you don’t lose out through the rush of convenience.

Studies have shown that yoga students practicing in the comfort of their own home reported more mindfulness, subjective wellbeing, increased weight-loss, more fruit and vegetable intake and better sleep (evidence based complementary and alternative medicine report).

Book in with us today to focus on entirely you.  Design a programme to embark on your journey to holistic wellbeing, either individually, as a family or with like-minded friends.

Yoga In the Workplace

With long demanding hours at work hunched over a desk, we don’t always consider the dangers we are exposing our bodies to.  As put by Wired Magazine, ‘Sitting is the new smoking’, combined with a heavy dose of stress and a side of anxiety, sitting has never been so unhealthy.

Yoga has been scientifically accepted as a preventative step to combat stress and other health-related issues in the workplace. Calling all employers to action, activate the change through curating a YOGABUDHI wellbeing plan for your office and see the following positive effects yoga will have on your employees.


  • Boosted creativity
  • Improved energy levels
  • Refined mental well-being
  • Conditioned physical health
  • Greater concentration levels
  • Reduced anxiety & stress levels
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Improved self-awareness

We offer the following

  • One-off meditation session
  • Blocks of meditation sessions
  • Public meditation workshops
  • One-off or blocks of sessions booked by individuals or self-selected teams
  • 6-Week Meditation Course (can combine with yoga)
  • 10-Week Combination Course (Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition)
  • Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop
  • Yoga

    Cutting-edge yoga to you, from some of London’s most reputable yogis. We offer a diverse range of yoga styles and abilities. We will hand-pick the ideal yogi to suit your needs and goals to ensure you enjoy and accomplish the most out of your sessions.

  • Nutrition

    Both through our carefully designed supplements, products and teas, and through our nutritionists 1:1 plans, nutrition is a vital part of our toolbox to assist you on your path to wellness. Our nutrition specialists will provide one-to-one sessions and personalised plans in the home or workplace, continually tweaked and adapted according to your needs and development.

  • Meditation

    In such a fast-paced world where silence is rare and our minds are never still, meditation is the key to give a little bit of ‘me’ time back to you. Unlock the calming stillness within by increasing the meditation components of your yoga sessions and/or take part in a dedicated meditation programme.

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